“Local solutions for the global problems!”

Our mission is to create greener, cleaner and sustainable neighborhoods by working together with all stakeholders to improve our environmental quality. We develop novel technologies and blend it with traditional ways to reduce, mitigate and eliminate pollution of water, soil and air. One small step at a time can help achieve bigger goals set by Paris Climate Agreement and several United Nations (UN) pacts.


Our vision is to improve the quality of life and health of all species inhabiting the planet Earth by improving our environment in terms of water, soil and air. Our primary objective is to reduce, mitigate and eliminate the burden of toxic chemicals from the environment, and preserve the good health of our nature for future generations. We strongly believe in this Native American Proverb that says:

‘We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children’


Alpha Cleantech Labs (ACL)’s history goes back to early 2000s when an environmental scientist from National Research Council of Canada ventured around the world in search of better solutions for protecting our environment, saving our climate from greenhouse gas emission, ways to prevent choking pollution in big and famous cities around Asia, South America and other parts of world. He was concerned about heavily polluted rivers, lakes, and mercury and arsenic laden drinking water pools that are crying for help. Later, that man founded ACL so that he can devise and offer research-based solutions to the people in need. ACL is a Canada based consortium of R&D, technology transfer, licensing, manufacturing and consulting that comprises Ph.D. scientists, professors, business entrepreneurs and technology intellectuals from Canada, USA and around the world. At ACL, we work hard to research and develop new ideas, products and technologies to promote sustainable, natural and healthy means of life.



All customers, distributors, and buyers of Alpha Cleantech Labs Hand Sanitizers.


Please be aware that currently through the Shopify platform, www.alphacleansupply.com is offering our products and is not associated or affiliated with Alpha Cleantech Labs. This Company without our authorization has copied our Website Content and our Logo’s and is offering our products thereby posing and impersonating us.


While the appropriate steps are currently being taken to rectify the situation with the appropriate authorities, please be aware that should you buy any of our products through them, Alpha Cleantech Labs will not be liable for any loss, damage or harm that may arise due to purchase and use of Alpha Clean Supply products.


If you had been victimized by fraudulent websites, you may report them through this link:


"Alpha Handrub" is a premium brand Hand Sanitizer manufactured by "Alpha Cleantech Labs Inc." based in British Columbia.

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